The Movement is a team of 4 gentlemen who's intent is to bring upscale nightlife and events to Las Vegas party goers.  The events will be geared towards the age demographic of 25 years and above and will consist of parties, networking events, concerts and other events.

Our members:

  • Thomas E. Mason
  • Cyril M. Nelson
  • Kenneth C. Evans
  • R. Jerome Johnson

We are geared towards giving QUALITY events.  We pride ourselves in our professionalism and it is our commitment to giving events that are reflective of the type of integrity we as a company hold in the highest regards.

We personally invite you to come out to the events and make yourself a part of OUR MOVEMENT.  Your attendance is much appreciated and is very necessary. 
Our dress code is upscale chic and is always enforced.  

We provide drink specials, food specials, live music and dj's to ensure you and your friends have a great time.

Your satisfaction is our commitment! 


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