The Movement


  1. A series of actions and events taking place over a period of time and working to foster a principle or policy. (our parties)
  2. An organized effort by supporters of a common goal.

Our organized effort is to establish a reputation for providing the very best in urban upscale/sophisticated nightlife and we as a group are the supporters for that common goal. To simply put it, our goal is to thow the best nightlife events, concerts and charity events in Las Vegas. We introduced upscale nightlife to Las Vegas and have continued to help create culture in the city. Our influence is everywhere and our vibe has always been consistent. Black Excellence is what we represent.

We are committed also to being good role models to our children and our community. We are very upstanding men and represent what good men should be. We are men of integrity, honor and respect and we foster these ideals to our friends and our families.

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