To promote safety and a positive nightclub experience and environment for our patrons and those in attendance at our events.

The Movement has azero tolerance approach to criminal behavior, including but not limited to illegal drug usage, acts of violence, lewd acts and behavior generally considered offensive.

Law enforcement is contacted immediately if not already on hand when any criminal conduct by patrons or others (including but not limited to fighting or disorderly conduct) appears to be imminent, whether in or outside the nightclub or has occurred in or outside the premises.

Weapons such as guns, pistols, or concealed weapons are prohibited in or outside any of our events.

Rowdy behavior is not prohibited and will lead to removal from the event.  Additionally, verbally abusive intoxicated individuals, which can cause situations to escalate to violent activity, will be removed from the event.

Intentionally causing a public disturbance by making or using an utterance, gesture, display or abusive language that is intended to and is plainly likely to provoke violent retaliation and thereby cause a breach of the peace will result in removal from the event.

The code of conduct is created to ensure that everyone in attendance at our event is able to have an enjoyable time.  Any attempt to interfere with another patron's ability to have a good time will result in removal from our event.

If you are removed from one of our events for violating any portion of our code of conduct, you will not be welcome at any future event.

The Movement events foster a culture of respect and tolerance and we insist on this at all times. 


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