The Movement has a talent team of regular dj's that spin at our events.  When it comes to the hottest and latest R&B, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Reggae and Jazz, our squad of industry veterans is unmatched. The flavor we give you at our events is something new, fresh and not seen anywhere else. There's a reason they are our resident dj's.

Our Team:

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Daren “DJ Poun’ Smith

Occupation: DJ, Producer

Current Location: Las Vegas / New York City 

Born in Hackensack and raised in Paterson, NJ, Daren “DJ Poun” Smith is the son of a gospel  singing mother and a jazz musician father. It was this early childhood exposure to 70’s soul, funk, jazz, R&B, and disco that helped shape Poun’s natural  instinct for music awareness and knowledge. Along with his older brother, Justin Smith, he would spend hours on end absorbing sounds and melodies from their parents’ massive 45” and 33 inch LP vinyl collection.

It was during the late 80’s when these two pioneering DJ’s musical careers began to take shape. While still in grammar school, Poun’, along with his brother DJ Jus, were able to secure a weekly residency gig at the local Skating Rink / dance club known as “Skater’s World”. Hundreds of young adults would flock to the club on a weekly basis to party with Paterson, New Jersey’s favorite sons.

It was also around this time that the two brothers began to expand their musical talents into the fields of writing, recording, remixing, and music production. The two began distributing mixtapes and providing production services for various acts in the Tri-State Area.

By 2004, with his brother Poun’s assistance, DJ Jus had emerged as a top-selling worldwide record producer, under the professional name of Just Blaze. Producing records for some of the most recognizable names is the music biz, including Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Usher, T.I., Kanye West, Rihanna, and the Beastie Boys, Just Blaze’s talents had earned him a slew of accolades and quite a few #1 records on the billboard charts.

DJ Poun’, also expanding into music production, found exceptional success on a few projects of his own. Alongside pioneering rap-group “Young ‘N Restless”, Poun’ recorded and produced several hit records that found their way to the airwaves of one of the most famous radio stations in the country, New York’s Hot 97FM. The DJ Poun’ produced single “Tonight” was also featured on DJ Enuff’s nationwide released compilation album “Heavy Hits: Volume 1” [Kinetic Records, 2001]. Future recording and production credits would follow, including recording credits for artists Jay-Z & Janet Jackson, and production credit for the wildly successful EA Sports video game “NBA Live”.

In 2004, DJ Poun’ founded Caked Up Entertainment, and set out to conquer the club scene in the Tri-State Area. Along with partner G-Stone, they created one of the most talked about college nights on the east coast, Fabulous Fridays, at the newly renovated “Club Rain” in Paterson, NJ. Handling all promotions, bookings, and marketing, DJ Poun’ and partner G-Stone developed the business savvy that would prove invaluable in the endeavors that were yet to come.

DJ Poun’s career took a shift into high-gear when his DJ talents were discovered by management at Jay-Z’s flagship establishment, the 40/40 Club New York City. Claiming residency in November 2004, DJ Poun’ transformed the musical soundscape of the sports bar, quickly turning it into one of the hottest nightclubs in NYC.

Following his success in New York City, Jay-Z and the 40/40 Club management offered DJ Poun’ residencies at each of their upcoming clubs, including Atlantic City [2005] and Las Vegas [2008]. As the head of his company, Caked Up Entertainment, Poun’ successfully trained and hired DJ’s to fill in residencies in each of the subsequent 40/40 Club locations.

Throughout his tenure as the 40/40 resident DJ, Poun’ has worked and partied with the best of the sports and entertainment world. Poun’ has spun alongside nationally recognized DJ’s such as Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex, and DJ Clue, and has provided sounds for celebrity guests such as Kanye West, Alex Rodriguez, Beyonce, and Lebron James.

From the streets of New York City, all the way to the bright lights of Las Vegas, DJ Poun‘ has yet to meet a crowd that he can‘t rock! With a distinguished passion for music and an incomparable drive for perfection, DJ Poun’ will continue to raise the bar for club & mixtape DJ’s for years to come.

Career highlights: 

March, 2009: Eyecandy Resident DJ @ Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas, NV) 

March, 2009: Guest DJ @ Black Label (Las Vegas, NV) 

March, 2009: The Movement: Networking Party 2009 @ Sedona's (Las Vegas, NV) 

February, 2009: NBA All-Star Weekend After Party (Pheonix, AZ) 

February, 2009: Guest DJ @ Gold Diggers at Golden Nugget (Las Vegas, NV) 

January, 2009: The Foundation Room Resident DJ (Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas)  

December, 2008: Guest DJ @ The Park (Washington, D.C.) 

December, 2008: Ikea Corporate Party (Private Event) (Brooklyn, NYC) 

December, 2008: New Year's Nation Celebration @ Risque, Paris Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, NV) 

December, 2008: Fox 5 News Morning Show (Las Vegas) (Cameo Appearance) 

Devember, 2008: Guest DJ @ 40 Duece at Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas, NV) 

November, 2008: Guest DJ @ The Icehouse (Las Vegas, NV) 

October, 2008: The 40/40 Club Resident DJ (New York, Atlantic City): 2004-Present 

October, 2008: Guest DJ, Revolution @ the Mirage - Las Vegas, NV 

August, 2008: Guest DJ, Mist Lounge, Treasure Island - Las Vegas, NV 

July, 2008: Paul Mitchell’s Conference Corporate Party - Las Vegas, NV 

June, 2008: Cedric The Entertainer / Ceren Vodka Launch Party - Las Vegas, NV  

April, 2008: Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige Concert After Party - Las Vegas, NV 

December, 2008: Lebron James 23rd Birthday Party - Las Vegas, NV 

December, 2008: 40/40 Las Vegas Grand Opening / New Year’s Party - Las Vegas, NV 

November, 2007: Jay-Z’s American Gangster Album Release Party - New York, NY 

November, 2006: Jay-Z & A-Rod Poker Tournament @ 40/40 - New York, NY

October, 2006: 40/40 Atlantic City 1 Year Anniversary Party - Atlantic City, NJ 

September, 2006: Beyonce’s 25th Birthday Party - New York, NY 

September, 2006: Alfonso Soriano 40/40 Club Induction Pre-Party - New York, NY 

June, 2006: Allen Iverson Birthday Bash - Atlantic City, NJ 

June, 2006: Hopkins vs. Tarver After party @ the 40/40 Club - Atlantic City, NJ 

September, 2005: Just Blaze DJ Tour of Japan II (2 weeks) - Tokyo, Japan 

June, 2005: 40/40 New York City 2-Year Anniversary Party - New York, NY 

January, 2005: ESPN Deportes Launch Party - New York, NY 

December, 2004: John Legend’s album release party, S.O.B.’s - New York, NY 

October, 2004: Usher’s “The Truth” Tour After party - Atlanta, GA 

September, 2004: Just Blaze DJ Tour of Japan (2 weeks) - Tokyo, Japan 

November 2004: Motion Picture, Jay-Z's Fade To Black (Cameo Appearance) 

December, 2003: Lebron James 19th Birthday Party - Cleveland, OH 

June, 2003: Jay-Z & 50 Cent “Roc The Mic Tour” - 35 Cities, U.S.A. 

Production / Recording Credits: 

Jay-Z “Ignorant Sh*t” (American Gangster) [Def Jam / Roc-A-Fella, 2007]

DJ Poun’ Presents the “Street Series 1-11” [Caked Up Entertainment, 2005-2008]

Janet Jackson “Love Me” Just Blaze Remix (20 Y.O.) [Virgin Records, 2005]

NBA Live Soundtrack [EA Sports, 2004]

Young ‘N Restless “Tonight” (DJ Enuff’s Heavy Hits Volume 1) [Kinetic Records, 2001] 

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