The Movement strives to provide an upscale environment in all aspects which is why even our dress code is upscale chic. We want to provide a professional environment where everyone feels comfortable and has the ability to enjoy themselves.

There are no exceptions with our dress code and it will be strictly enforced!  Please come dressed appropriately or you will not be allowed into the venue.

There are absolutely No Tims, work boots or similar style boots, No T-shirts, Ball Caps or sports attire! Men please wear dress shoes and collared shirts. 

We promote classy events and we would appreciate attire and an attitude to reflect and represent the class and style that is The Movement. Guys be GQ and ladies show your sexiness but classy sexy.  This means please no overexposure of body parts.

It is important for the success of our events and the type of environment we seek that you adhere to these guidelines.  We appreciate your cooperation. 

We personally invite you to come out to the events and make yourself a part of OUR MOVEMENT.  Your attendance is much appreciated and is very necessary. 

Your attendance is necessary! 


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