The Movement is looking for "MOVEMENT GIRLS". We are looking for those of you who come out to our events and know what we are all about. We are looking for you to represent us around the city of Las Vegas at various events and happenings. You must be outgoing, energetic, classy and able to represent us just like we'd represent ourselves but of course, you'll get way more attention that we ever could (smile).  We want to get you into places like Rehab, Tao Beach, Wet Republic, Blue Martini, Lavo and other places around the city where you can mingle and network on our behalf. Talk to folks who've never been to one of our events and get them to come. We'll give you free passes to hand out, some free VIP tickets and free drink passes.  You use these things to invite others to experience The Movement as you have experienced it. 

In return, you'll be one of the MOVEMENT GIRLS.  You'll get free access to our events, never wait in line at our events, you'll get some free comps you can use for your friends, some free drink tickets, sometimes you'll get free VIP and depending on the type of events, you'll receive compensation. This isn't a gig that is going to make you lots of money or anything like that but you will be part of one of the hottest organizations in the city. Plus who knows what other genius ideas we come up with that will benefit you.

For more information contact a member of The Movement or click here to email us. (

Remember, not only are we looking for pretty women, but classy women who know how to carry themselves.  No drug use or over indulgence of alcohol is ever permitted when representing The Movement but you are required to have fun!

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