The Movement strives to be different than the norm. We are truly committed to providing an upscale experience at all of our events. We will try to keep a level of class and sophistication each and every time. Anyone can go to a club and party all night but how many of you can go to a club and meet the owner of the club? How many clubs can be considered a good place to take a date? Grown and Sexy with a smooth ambiance and a couture flavor by everyone in attendance.

We are keeping a strict code of conduct so people aren't running around fighting, arguing or worrying about the person next to them. The Movement contends, everyone is equal so why have separate rooms where only the special people can go. Lets all have a good time, together. The Movement will be accessible to all at our events and we will check regularly with our event attendees to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Your satisfaction is our commitment! 

It's a celebration and our celebrations come with class, elegance, and a certain Je ne sais quoi ... but whatever it is, you'll love it!

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